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Vehicle Transport
Thursday, October 7, 2010
Auto Transport Truck
Vehicle transport is a specialized area of moving, with a variety of different types of vehicles, each requiring proper experience and training.  Automobile moving, boat or yacht transport, in addition to small vehicle moving, such as motorcycles, personal watercraft, and small tractors and riding mowers, all call for knowledgeable and qualified transport services.

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The most common type of vehicle move involves auto or car moving.  Factors that need to be considered when doing an automobile move include . . .

  • What type of car . . . standard, everyday car . . . high value or classic car . . . racing or sports car?
  • Distance of move . . . local or just a couple hundred miles . . . long distance or interstate . . . international or overseas?
  • What type of transport trailer . . . standard, open auto hauler . . . enclosed trailer . . . overseas container . . . exclusive use or VIP transport?
  • What type of service . . . door to door . . . terminal to terminal . . . drive-away service?
  • Are you in a primary market . . . California, Florida, Texas, etc. . . . or secondary market . . . North Dakota, Wyoming, etc.?
  • Pre transport checklist  . . . research auto haulers and get estimates . . . scheduling  . . . vehicle preparation . . . inspection and inventory report . . . pickup and delivery checklist.

These are just some of the issues to take into account before arranging an automobile move.

Another type of vehicle move includes boat, or yacht transport.  A successful boat relocation will normally require a boat moving specialist.  Depending upon how far and how large your boat is, will determine how it is moved.  Sometimes a boat hauler will simply pull your boat and trailer from one location to another.   Sometimes they will place it onto a flatbed trailer.  And for oversize boats or yachts, it may be necessary to use an oversize vehicle trailer, or drop-frame lowboy trailers.

Yet another type of common vehicle move is motorcycle moving.   There are a few options for motorcycle moving, but once again, engaging the services of a company that specializes in motorcycle moving is a good choice.  Motorcycles are often either crated, or secured to customized pallets.

RV moving and transport is yet another type of vehicle moving.  Similar to boat or yacht moving, options include direct hauling of RV trailers, drive-away of RV powered units, or hauling of RVs or RV trailers on lowboy trailers.  As always with vehicle transport, do your homework on the company you hire to do you RV transport, being certain they have the experience and qualifications.

This covers a majority of vehicle transport needs.  Other types of vehicle transport include personal watercraft such as jet skis and wave runners . . . also personal tractors and riding lawn mowers. 

And finally, another specialized area of vehicle hauling is heavy equipment, such as forklifts, construction equipment and vehicles, and heavy earth moving equipment.

Whatever vehicle moving need you may have, your best bet is to engage the services of an hauler experienced in the specific type of vehicle you need to haul.

Moving Quotes Here - Top Movers in Your Area