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Moving into Storage? Consider Your Options

When considering your storage options, you have a few choices to go with. No matter which option you choose remember this helpful tip: Do not store items that you will never use or items that are not valuable. The cost of the cheapest type of storage is usually around $100 or $200 per month. It is best sell these items, give them away, or simply throw them out. Here are the differences between self-storage and moving company storage:


Self-Storage is where you seek out a storage location provide your own lock and labor to move your items in. This is the most inexpensive type of storage you can go with.

Self storage units Pros:
Best option for the price.
Come and go as you please without charge.

Moving large items in and out can become physically tiresome on the body.
Items stored are usually not professionally wrapped and protected.

Overview: If you need to come and go, add items or take items out, use a self-storage – there is no access charge as there is with moving company storage. If you are on a budget or only need to store a few items for a short period then self-storage is your best bet.

Moving and Storage

Moving Company Storage

In the storage that the moving company provides, the company has possession of your goods, and if you want to access your goods, or add items, or take out items, you must pay their warehouse personnel usually by the hour for the access. Also, they usually will not allow you to come in and go thru the items yourself, because they take responsibility for any damage that might occur during the access.

Furniture is wrapped and protected professionally.
Don’t have to deal with moving items or straining the body.

A little more expensive
Can’t go in an out as you please.

Overview: If your items are of high value and need to have the goods stored professionally, then moving company storage is the way to go. Also if you do not need to come and go and do not want to have to handle your large furniture then this is the best option.

About The Author:

mike scott Mike Scott has been in the moving industry for over 30 years. He started out as a mover with Bekins Van Lines, moving furniture across country. He now owns a local moving company in the Los Angeles, CA area that has been in business for over 15 years. More about .