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Pre-Move Checklist Before Moving In

Family Moving InAfter purchasing a home, get ready for a few chores to tackle before moving in. No matter how much the seller advertises turn-key, the home will require some basic attention or customization prior to moving in. Here are a few basic responsibilities to take on after purchasing a home.

Cleaning – Many times the seller will provide a clean home before putting it up on the market. Of course other times this is far from the case. Basic areas of the home that should be cleaned or replaced before moving in are: Air filters, flooring, windows, bathrooms, gutters, kitchen appliances, cabinets, and walls.

Painting – Painting is a minor chore and not too imperative before moving in. Some may hire a painting company to come and paint prior to moving in, but it may be easiest to just paint rooms as necessary. Use this interior painting calculator to get a range of prices.

Changing Locks – Changing ALL the locks is one of the most essential tasks that everyone should do before moving into a new home. Any previous owner or tenant may still have a key to the home.

Flooring – When it comes to flooring, if the home has hard flooring such as wood or tile, all that has to be done is a thorough cleaning. In areas where there is carpet, what should be determined is whether they should be shampooed or replaced. If the previous owner had pets or there are many stains on the carpets, replacing the carpets should be considered. Remember, any liquids or moisture spilled on carpets gets soaked into the pad underneath and will remain there until replaced.

Remodeling – Any remodeling or renovations such as fixing walls, or replacing flooring should be done prior to moving in. Once all the furniture is moved into the home it becomes difficult to keep moving items around to accommodate for renovations. Minor renovations can be done after moving in but remember, moving is a tiring process so getting to those repairs may not happen as soon as expected. In any case, try to avoid these costly remodeling mistakes.

Pest proofing – Some homes may require some serious pest control if there has been an infestation of termites, roaches, rats, ants, gophers or spiders. Taking care of these issues before living in the home is highly recommended to keep chemicals away from humans and pets. Here are some great tips on how to pest proof your home yourself.

Gardening / Landscaping – In some cases after purchasing a home, some gardening and landscaping may need to be taken care of. Typically this is not essential prior to moving in, but in cases where there are major safety issues, getting it done beforehand may be the best option.

Hiring Movers – When hiring a moving company, be sure to plan for service at least a month in advance. Especially during the summer months, movers get extremely busy and their schedules begin to fill up. Get price quotes from movers in your area.

Getting Acquainted– Although getting acquainted with the neighbors won’t happen until moving in, getting acquainted with the locale can be done while the home is in escrow. After purchasing a home, it is important to know the locations of hospitals, drug stores, super markets, schools, roads, freeways, short-cuts etc.

Purchasing a home, especially for new home buyers can be overwhelming. By following basic procedures after purchasing a home you can reduce the stress of the relocation process.

Good luck home buyers and best wishes with your new life!

Timothy Patrick is a relocation adviser and writer for Movers-Moving.NET, an online relocation marketplace for hiring top movers.