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Quick Picture Packing

How To Pack Pictures, Mirrors, and Glass Shelves

Packing large pictures, glass shelves or mirrors can sometimes be tricky. But often you can do a "quick picture pack" with a little understanding of how to pack pictures or glass. This video is intended for quick packing of pictures and glass shelves.

This quick method is only suitable for items of smaller value, local moving and short term storage. For long distance moving, long term storage, and packing for expensive pieces, visit our video on custom picture packing.

A good shortcut or "quick picture pack" begins with using a basic moving carton, flat and not assembled.  Simply slide your picture or glass into the flat carton, tape the ends closed, and that's it - a "quick picture pack".  This is suitable for everyday pictures that are not of high value.  High value pictures should be packed using the standard picture packing method.

For larger pictures use larger cartons. If you can't get large enough cartons for your pictures to "slide into", no problem. Simply lay your flat carton down, open it up along the glued seam (most standard cartons have a glued seam), then lay your picture face glass side down on the opened up carton.  Then simply "roll and wrap" your picture in the cardboard sheet. For larger pictures or more protection simply use more that one opened up carton.

A good place to buy boxes and other packing materials is from the Home Depot moving section. Their boxes are usually the same price as moving companies can get them in bulk and are made of 100% recycled materials for those of you who like to perform a "green move"

Once you understand this method you can get creative, and effectively pack pictures, mirrors, small glass and stone table tops or inserts, and glass shelves for quick, easy and inexpensive packing.

Dont forget! Learn how to hire a moving company for your move, then visit our movers page and get free quotes from top rated moving companies in your area.

About The Author:

packing with linens and towelsMike Scott has been in the moving industry for over 30 years. He started out as a mover with Bekins Van Lines, moving furniture across country. He now owns a local moving company in the Los Angeles, CA area that has been in business for over 15 years. More about .

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