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How To Pack Dishes and Fragile Kitchen Items
The most common items that break during a move are those in your kitchen. Packing your dishes and china properly will help prevent fragile items from breaking during transit. Here are a few things to remember when packing dishes and learning how to properly pack-up your kitchen.

Items Needed For Packing Dishes

  1. Dishpack Boxes - Double walled
  2. Packing Paper
  3. Packing Tape and/or Tape Gun
  4. Markers / Labels
  5. Razor Blade (unpacking process)

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How To Pack Dishes and Fragile Kitchen Items

  1. Create a clean and organized work station. Dining room tables, kitchen islands, and other large tables make the best work space for packing dishes.
  2. Packing Work Station
  3. Open your first box and fold back the flaps to get started. Seal the box tightly with at least three pieces of tape across the seam and then around the box to ensure closure.
  4. Packing Dishes Box
  5. Layer the bottom of the box with wads of paper. Your should have at least 4 inches of packed paper bundles on the bottom.
  6. Preparing Box
  7. With your paper stack laid out flat add one plate to the middle of the stack. Fold a corner or two over the dish then place your next dish on top. Continue this for 3 or 4 plates, then wrap the entire bundle in a few sheets of paper. This works for packing plates, bowls and other similar breakables.
  8. Wrapping Dish
  9. Carefully pack the bundle into the box vertically. Create more bundles and add to the box until it is packed snugly with dishes or other fragile pieces.
  10. Dish into Box
  11. Add one last layer of wadded paper to the top and secure with three more pieces of tape on the seam and one around.
  12. Finished Packing
  13. Mark your dish boxes carefully with words such as "fragile", "breakable", or "handle with care". Also add an arrow pointing to which side goes up. This helps the movers with safe transit.
  14. Writing on Box

About The Author:

mike scott Mike Scott has been in the moving industry for over 30 years. He started out as a mover with Bekins Van Lines, moving furniture across country. He now owns a local moving company in the Los Angeles, CA area that has been in business for over 15 years. More about .