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Packing Large Fake Plants
Thursday, October 7, 2010
packing and moving artificial plants

A good way to pack and protect your large fake plants is to place them into wardrobe cartons, which are cartons about 4 to 5 foot tall.

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Tip # 14 - Garage Sale 2 Months Prior to Start of Packing * Organize a garage sale at least 2 to 3 months BEFORE you begin packing - don't pay to move items you don't use. Be sure to advertise your garage sale in local papers, or put up signs. Also be sure to tell all of your friends and neighbors.

Tip # 29 - Packing Antiques * Items such as grandfather clocks and other valuable antiques should be packed and secured by a relocation expert.

Tip # 54 - Moving Terms - Expedited Service * Expedited Service: An agreement with the mover to perform transportation by a set date. There can be delays due to weather in the winter. Most movers are on time and reliable and will do their best to be there on the set date. Time is money to movers.

Tip # 33 - Arrange Elevator Use * When moving into an apartment, schedule to use the elevator the day you are moving.

Tip # 20 - Contact Your Insurance Company * Contact your insurance company and get notified of policy changes when relocating your home.

Tip # 32 - Contact The Post Office * Contact the post office and file for a change of address.

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Tip # 25 - Maintain Your Vehicle * Be sure to maintain your vehicle at every gas station. It is wise especially on long distance moves to check your car's fluids and clean your mirrors and windshield on every gas fill up.

Tip # 31 - Prepare Your Refrigerator * Empty your refrigerator, eat your left-overs and throw out any perishables before moving. Also be sure to defrost your freezer at least 24 hours before relocating.

Tip # 9 - Custom Picture, Mirror and Glass Top Packing * Pictures and mirrors often require customized packing due to their varying sizes and shapes. Tools and materials needed to facilitate this custom packing include paper pads, or your linens and / or blankets (for wrapping the pictures), picture sections (pieces of cardboard for packing), and box cutter for custom cutting of the picture sections. When using box cutters to cut picture sections to size, don't do it directly on carpet or other flooring, as you might cut through the cardboard then cut the carpet or flooring.

Tip # 66 - Filing a Claim With Your Movers * You have 9 months to file a claim in writing. It does not have to be submitted on a mover's claim form. Remember you have plenty time to go over all your goods more carefully. So don't stress if you are overwhelmed at the pace the movers are bringing your goods into the house.

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