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Clean Patio Furniture
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Local Movers

The main reason for cleaning your patio furniture is so that you don't move bugs and bug eggs to your new home via the moving truck.

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Tip # 84 - Finding A Qualified Mover * Get recommendations from friends, neighbors and relatives regarding the mover. You'll be surprised to find out if you just ask around, you will find people that have had good and bad experiences with moving companies. Compile a list with pros and cons of different movers and then you will have an easier time choosing the right company for the job.

Tip # 7 - Mark Your Boxes on the Sides, Not the Top * When marking your boxes be sure to do so on the side, not the top. When boxes are stacked on top of eachother, you can read writing on the side, but not on the top. Also, you might consider marking them on 2 sides. That way when whichever way they are stacked you can likely read the markings.

Tip # 75 - Additional Charges for Long Carries * Long Carry: Charge for carrying items long distances between the mover's vehicle and your residence. You will get charged, movers need to get paid for the extra time it takes to get your goods in and out of the house.

Tip # 60 - Estimates From Several Movers * Get estimates from at least three movers, and compare costs and services between the movers. Doing so will give you a piece of mind knowing you are not getting overcharged.

Tip # 56 - Moving Terms - Advanced Charges * Advanced Charges: Charges for services performed by someone other than the mover. Usually a third party service is paid by the mover. Most line haul drivers are equipped with all the tools to handle any situation with your move. I

Tip # 50 - Insurance Types For Interstate Moving * Full value protection: Replacement value of lost or damaged goods in your entire shipment. If you have the extra bucks to spend, this is the way to go. We would not recommend anything less.

Tip # 26 - Have a Floor Plan * Before your movers begin to relocate your things, be sure to have a floor plan of where everything is going to be located in the new house. This will save your movers time and YOUR money.

Tip # 41 - What to Bring on Long Trips * Here are some items you may want to bring if you are driving long distances: A map or directions to where you are going, food, water, clothes, cell phone, money, hygiene items, road flares, car oil, fire extinguisher, a can of fix-a-flat, and extra water for your car's engine.

Compare the best moving companies Michigan and moving California with Movers-Moving.NET. Our 40 years of hands on moving experience assure accurate and useful moving tips. Find Virginia movers and professional South Dakota movers.

Tip # 22 - Know When To Move * The busiest times for moving companies is generally during the weekends, the end of the month, end of the year, and the summer months. You may want to consider relocating when movers are least busy so you can avail yourself to the best services.

Tip # 10 - Packing Small Framed Pictures * For packing small pictures, such as 8 x 11 framed pictures, wrap similar to dishes - each one in sufficient packing paper, then stand upright or vertically in the carton - do not lay flat. Be sure to put wadded up paper in the bottom and top of the box for cushioning.