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Top 15 Items to Buy When Moving Into Your First Apartment
Sunday, November 3, 2013
Moving Into An Apartment

Moving into your first apartment? You have probably forgotten to buy several necessary items. Whether you are moving from a dorm room or from the parents’ house, the items below are essentials for a comfortable living.

Bed – Instead of buying a bed and moving it in yourself, a good plan is to use an air mattress the first night or so and buy and have one delivered. Of course a comfortable bed is an important item to have when moving into your first apartment.

Dresser – When it comes to buying a dresser, less is better. Find a dresser that is not bulky because typically you will be moving several times during the next ten years.

Folding Table and Chair – Plastic folding tables are great to use as a desk in your room. They are easy to move and can be used for many purposes.

Lights – Many apartment rooms don’t have lights. Bring or buy at least one lamp when moving in otherwise you will be navigating your room with a phone light.

Mirrors – Most likely the apartment will not have any mirrors in the bedrooms. This is an item that can be bought along the line.

Television – Flat screens are so inexpensive and easy to move nowadays, getting one should not be a problem.

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Kitchen Appliances – A Microwave, coffee maker, and toaster are really the only kitchen appliances you need. Don’t even bother with a refrigerator or washer and dryer just yet, it is much easier to find an apartment that includes these instead of constantly moving them around every couple years.

Cookware – A few pots and pans, silverware, cutting board, plates, bowls, cups and cooking utensils are all you need to begin your kitchen collection. Instead of buying new cookware, ask your family or friends if they have any extras to get you started.

Small Eating Table – A basic 4 chair breakfast table will work fine for all meals. Again, if you have roommates try and correspond with the items they already have.

Couch and Coffee Table – Unless your roommates already have these items, buy these items after moving in and have them delivered.

Cleaning Supplies – Most of these can be taken from the parents but if you have to buy them, the dollar store is a great place for sponges, cleaners, detergents, etc.

Vacuum, Broom, Mop – Eventually you will need to get these items, at least within the first week of moving into an apartment.

Trash Cans – Get one for your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Shower Curtain – Many apartments will not have shower doors or shower curtains. Buy a nice shower curtain that you can take with you to all your apartments.

Linens – Many people forget about sheets, bathroom towels, cleaning towels, and hand towels.

I bet at least 3 of these listed here never crossed your mind, and I’ve probably even forgotten a few. Moving into an apartment for your first time can be overwhelming but if you have these essential items it makes it a whole lot easier. Are you ready for your first apartment?

Author: Timothy Patrick is a relocation adviser and writer for Movers-Moving.NET, an online relocation marketplace for hiring top movers.

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