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Local Movers In Las Vegas
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Local Moving Truck
Local Moving Truck Las Vegas

I cannot emphasize it enough when I say to always HIRE EXPERIENCED MOVING COMPANIES.  If you care about your belongings and don’t want chipped or cracked furniture or damaged appliances, then only trust companies with years of expert moving experience. It is rare for even the professionals to never break anything. Imagine what can go wrong with somebody with no moving experience or with friends who don’t even want to move your stuff in the first place.

 About a year or so ago my brother and his best friend decided they were going to move out of his house in Los Angeles and live in Las Vegas. It didn’t take a genius to see this coming because he is a big time gambler and has some of the best luck I have ever seen. Him and his friend decided since they only had a few rooms of furniture, some boxes and some appliances to move, to just do it themselves, not get any movers and rent a moving truck. It seemed like an easy move, the refrigerator, washer, two desks, and dryer being the most difficult to move. They did not hire any professional moving companies in Las Vegas or even search online for moving tips or basic techniques.

So they got most of the items and furniture to the house safely but in the process, my brother had twisted his ankle and his friend threw out his back. What I am trying to say is that YES it is possible to move your belongings and get them to their destination safely, but be sure you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. I have seen many instances where people get hurt or the stress from the move make them careless and impatient. Trying to save a little money by moving furniture by yourself is not worth the chance of getting hurt or damaging your items.

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