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How To Hire Top Movers

Couple Hiring MoversHiring a moving company is far different than hiring a plumber or cleaning service. Hire a bad cleaning service and it's not the end of the world, hire a bad moving company and risk the chance of your life being flipped upside down. When moving, you trust someone else to move and handle almost everything you own.

Thousands of people every year experience nightmares during a relocation because they hire the wrong moving company. Whether it is from hiring inexperienced movers resulting in broken items, or hiring movers who might scam consumers with ridiculous overcharges, hiring the right moving company can make all the difference.

Jump Ahead: Hire Actual Movers, Get Multiple Estimates From Movers, Only Hire Professional Movers, Moving Tips, Only Hire Licensed Movers, Local or Long Distance Moving, Be Ready to Speak with Movers, Paying Movers and Deposits, Moving Scams

Mover In Action 1Hire Actual Movers

Always go with a company that has their own trucks and their own crew. Many online websites will pose as moving companies but actually are moving brokers. A moving broker is basically a sales office that gets your information, quotes your move for a certain price, then sells the work to their own bank of moving companies for a lower price.

Typically you should not hire moving brokers because there is no assurance that the companies they supply will do a good job. Not all moving brokers are bad but many are the root of all moving scams.

Be sure to ask the company you contact if they supply their own trucks and crew or it they just simply broker out the work to contractors or other moving help.

Get Multiple Estimates From Movers

Before hiring a moving company, get at least 3 price quotes from different movers. This way you can get an accurate range of prices for your move. Never hire cheap movers.

Only Hire Professional Movers

Sometimes it is obvious whether a moving company is experienced right from their website. Look for movers that list how long they've been in business - it is good sign from the start. But that in itself isn't a reason to hire the company.

Experienced movers may have a good rating with The Better Business Bureau or be a part of moving associations such as The American Moving & Storage Association or their own states' association. Other places to check their reputation is from online reviews or from people you know who have used them before.

You can also search their name and location in your preferred search engine and check online reputations. Look into their online reputation thoroughly and sometimes it will obvious if they are good or bad. If their name does not show up anywhere online then be careful. The best movers are ones who are transparent and have a good online presence.

There are many review site for moving companies and most of them are of great benefit. But be careful, not all reviews online are genuine. Moving is never easy and rarely do companies have a perfect track record. Watch out for companies with only 5 star reviews because sometimes the movers will write reviews for themselves.

You can tell if movers are professional when chatting with them on the phone. Movers who are very thorough with everything and know what they are talking about is a great sign.

Moving Tips

Other than hiring a professional moving service, there are many other aspects of a move that may require helpful knowledge. Check out these moving tips to help ease the moving process.

LicensedOnly Hire Licensed Movers

If you are moving across state lines then your mover has to be licensed with The United States Department of Transportation. Check if your long distance mover is licensed and in The USDOT database.

If you are moving within your state, then the mover has to be licensed according to the state's regulations. Here, you can check your state's moving license regulations.

Local or Long Distance Moving

Household moving can be broken into two categories, local moving and long distance moving. Local moving is typically moves within the same state or less than 200 miles. Local movers charge by the hour and normally use a box or bobtail truck. Long distance moving usually requires the driver to travel overnight on a large semi truck or tractor with trailer. Long distance movers charge by the weight of the goods and sometimes carry other people's belongings on the same truck. Long distance services are usually referred to as van lines.

Be Ready To Speak Directly With Your Movers

If your possessions mean a lot to you then be ready to chat on the phone with the movers for a while. Movers will want to know a basic list of what you have and moving accesses at each location (stairs, truck location, long carries etc.). It would be wise to have these ready before getting price quotes from movers to assure accuracy.

Paying Your Movers and Moving Deposits

Local In-State Moving - If you are moving locally then your moving company usually should not require a deposit. An exception to this might be if your move is very large, and requires a significant number of trucks and resources, then your movers may legitimately require a deposit to hold your dates. Local movers charge by the hour and should give you an estimated cost prior to moving. Be sure to read the estimate very carefully to make sure that nothing appears suspicious or makes you uneasy. Beware of moving scams and hidden charges movers may add on after everything is on the truck. Movers have the right to demand payment prior to unloading goods and some moving companies will scam the customer and abuse this right to get more money.

How to save money on movers

Long Distance Out of State Moving - Some long distance moving companies require a deposit and others do not. Moving long distance requires a lot of resources for the moving companies so they want to make sure their services are paid for. Unfortunately, this is another open door for movers to scam the customers so be aware.

Moving Scams

Don't get scammed by a moving company. Most companies are legitimate and provide honest services but you can never be too careful. Here are some ways you can avoid moving scams.

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Author: Timothy Patrick is a relocation adviser and writer for Movers-Moving.NET, an online relocation marketplace for hiring top movers.

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