First, if you haven't already, get your free moving quotes from moving companies in your area.
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It may seem easy to just hire a moving company, have them move your items, pay them and it is done. But Wait! This is exactly how thousands of people every year are scammed by bogus moving companies. Here are a few must do's in order to insure a pleasant relocation experience:

  1. Use the power of the internet to quickly and efficiently research the background and reputation of several movers.
    VERY IMPORTANT! - make sure when doing your research that the company you think you are researching, is actually the company that turns up in the search. For example, there are many "Best Movers" or variations of "Best Movers" in the United States. Don't get them mixed up. You need to cross reference operating license numbers, phone numbers, addresses, etc.  and make sure they all match up.

  2. I would advise not going with a "moving broker". Many of them do provide good services but at the same time, many of them are the root cause of popular moving scams. Instead contact the actual moving company and make sure they meet the requirements.

  3. Check out your mover with these three major organizations:
    The Better Business Bureau 
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (For out of state moves).
    State Agencies and Movers Association (For local or in-state moves).

  4. Get a detailed written estimate for service from several movers. Don't mistake a detailed written estimate with an hourly rate quote or a weight and mileage rate quote.
    Your detailed written estimate MUST include a complete inventory list of items to be moved. In addition, make sure it accurately describes the accesses at both origin and destination (such as single story house, 3rd floor with elevator and 600 foot carry, etc.), along with a written description of who will be responsible for packing, disassembly and reassembly of items, etc. Be sure your estimate is legible, clear, and NOT vague.
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