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Friday, February 17, 2012
San Clemente
San Clemente Pier
San Clemente San Clemente

A couple months ago, my friend Josh’s uncle who lives in San Clemente CA asked Josh and I if we could help him move his house. Considering the fact that he frequently allows us to stay there for days at a time to catch great surf and chill, we certainly helped him out. Keith, Josh’s uncle was moving from a 3000 sq. ft. house up in the hills a couple miles from the beach to an 1100 sq. ft. house practically on the beach. When moving from a large house to a small house there is always an excess amount of furniture and most people decide to put it away into storage. Keith on the other hand decided that he did not want his furniture, so he gave about a third of it to his sister.

So Josh and I arrive there on a Wednesday morning, catch some surf and head back to Keith’s place. The first thing he had us do since the garage was in bad shape at the new place was clean the garage and paint the floor with garage floor paint. That took us a couple hours but it was not hard at all. We then went to get the truck that he had rented to start moving all the stuff. We actually began the move the next morning around 8 am after Josh and I hit up another awesome surf session at Trestles.  

Since the economy is down and money is tight, instead of hiring a moving companies or actual movers in San Clemente to assist with the move, Keith went and hired 2 labor ready guys. And coming from a family of professional movers, I knew that it wasn’t going to be the most pleasant move. From the moment the guys walked into the house with their soiled shoes on the carpet, disaster had begun. The furniture in Keith’s house isn’t your ordinary furniture either. He had 3 couches well worth over 2 grand, about 100 different types of chairs from patio chairs to expensive decorative types, 6 huge pots each weighing over 6 hundred pounds, 4 big beds, a big screen and a bunch of heavy, expensive tables and desks, and so much other crap a family of 3 doesn’t need.

The move took almost the whole day, 2 trips in the 26 footer.  I looked at a bunch of the items in the new house and there were chips and dents on most of the furniture. The Labor guys really did not know anything about wrapping and securing items or any of the basic moving techniques. One piece of advice that I do feel strongly about is that if you have expensive or irreplaceable furniture, then HIRE A PROFESSIONAL MOVING COMPANY. All the years of collecting valuable pieces of art and furniture is not worth just hiring people off the street and having them throw it all in a truck.

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