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Best Insurance For Packing Fragile Items
Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The best insurance for packing fragile items like china, stemware, dishes and glasses - use LOTS of packing paper for protection. Bubble wrap also works fine, but is more costly.  Also be sure to use wadded up paper for cushioning the bottom of boxes and top of boxes. Lots of paper provides lots of cushioning between fragile items.

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More Quick Tips - Over 40 Years Hands On Moving Experience Assures Accurate and Useful Moving Tips


Go Through Your Clothes * Go through your wardrobe and give unwanted clothes to goodwill or other charity shops.

Pick An Exact Move Date * Pick an exact move date at least 4 weeks before your move. Planning ahead will better the chances of your moving company to be available on that day.

Save Donation Receipts * If you are donating unwanted items to charity, save the receipts, you can use these for future tax deductions.

Check Your Movers BBB Record * Check the Better Business Bureau about the mover. This can save you a lot of headaches. You can find out lots of information by just logging on to and researching your mover. Take a little extra time to choose the right company and things should go smoothly.

Contact The Post Office * Contact the post office and file for a change of address.

Find the best moving companies Missouri and moving companies Kentucky with Movers-Moving.NET. Our 40 years of hands on moving experience assure accurate and useful moving tips. Connect with Illinois movers and professional Pennsylvania movers.


Pack Non Essentials First * Pack non essential items first, and other items that you rarely use. This way you can begin packing months in advance.

Do Not Sign Blank Documents * Be informed and plan ahead. And never sign any blank documents. 99% of the movers out there are honest, but it's possible to run into one that wants to take advantage of you.

Filing a Claim With Your Movers * You have 9 months to file a claim in writing. It does not have to be submitted on a mover's claim form. Remember you have plenty time to go over all your goods more carefully. So don't stress if you are overwhelmed at the pace the movers are bringing your goods into the house.

Moving Terms - Broker * Broker: Companies that arranges for the truck transportation of the belongings of others, utilizing for hire companies to provide the actual truck transportation. A broker does not have responsibility for the belongings.

Additional Charges for Long Carries * Long Carry: Charge for carrying items long distances between the mover's vehicle and your residence. You will get charged, movers need to get paid for the extra time it takes to get your goods in and out of the house.

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